National Orange Day: B’more Orange Gives Back

Painting the Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center


On March 24th, Syracuse University celebrated its 142nd birthday. Instead of cake, B’more Orange celebrated by painting the classrooms of the Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center located in Downtown Baltimore.

The center was created through a partnership between Living Classrooms Foundation, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, and the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. It supports the academic and social development of disadvantaged youth. The children and youth served reside primarily in public housing and low-income neighborhoods and their communities lack many of the services found in more affluent areas. The program provides services in five core areas: Education and Career Development, Character and Civic Development, Health and Life Skills, The Arts and Cultural Enrichment, and Sports and Recreation.

About 20 alumni showed up to roll up their sleeves only to unroll blue tape and push rollers against the walls. Between 9am and 5pm the crew was able to paint three classrooms, updating the colors from Denver Nuggets blue and gold to purple, teal, and gold.

A huge “thank you” to all those that participated! Hopefully our event will go just as well on National Orange Day in 2013.



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