The Chancellor collaborates with the S.U. Community

B’more Orange wanted to ensure that you all saw the VERY well written article below on Chancellor Syverud from yesterday’s D.O. While not everyone has the same unfettered access to the Chancellor that many of the alumni leaders do, this gives the S.U. community a bit more insight into the Chancellor as both a person and leader of our University.

Check out the article:

Kent Syverud listens to, collaborates with Syracuse University community to make decisions 1 year after inauguration

From the Chancellor: Measure for Measure

Hello everyone,

Below is the latest message from the Chancellor. Enjoy!


Dear Orange Friends:

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is known as a “problem play” because it raises more questions than it answers and defies categories, including those of comedy and tragedy. Syracuse University Drama students, under the direction of Professor Celia Madeoy, are right now asking the questions and defying the categories in a production at the Loft Theater at Syracuse Stage. I saw the show Saturday. It is not to be missed.

I’d never been in the Loft space before. Nor had I seen Shakespeare in so intimate a setting, with no more than three rows between audience and performers, and the performance conducted all around you. Professor Madeoy set the play in 19th-century Vienna, and the themes of law, justice, religion, and temptation worked well, largely because of an outstanding cast that was clearly comfortable with ambiguity. This was a performance that included an array of outstanding and arresting music as well. If you want to see a play that makes you laugh, smile ruefully, think, worry, and see flashes of hypocrisy and enlightenment—as well as your own foibles—I urge you to go to the final performances this weekend.

Once again, as at most SU Drama performances, I had to remind myself at the conclusion that I was watching students, rather than professionals from the best companies. We are fortunate indeed to have SU Drama and Syracuse Stage in our community.


Kent Syverud
Chancellor Kent Syverud

From the Chancellor: The Tireless Pursuit

Hello Everyone,

Please enjoy the most recent E-Newsletter from Chancellor Kent Syverud.

Dear Orange Friends:

Last week I was fortunate to attend a symposium to celebrate the work and legacy of Professor Mĩcere Gĩthae Mũgo. Tributes honoring Professor Mũgo as she prepares to retire from Syracuse have streamed in from around the world. Among the attendees at Friday’s event was the Honorable Willy Mutunga, the Chief Justice of Kenya, Professor Mũgo’s native country.

The symposium, titled “The Tireless Pursuit,” was a fitting tribute to such a richly multifaceted life. Community activists, artists, and colleagues from around the world celebrated Professor Mũgo’s impact through lectures, panel discussions, music, poetry, and stories.

The accolades are well deserved. A Meredith Professor in the Department of African American Studies, Professor Mũgo represents that which makes Syracuse special. She is a world-renowned poet, playwright, scholar, activist, and teacher, and her impact has been extraordinary. She has elevated understanding of Africa’s past and appreciation for its present, and used knowledge as a tool for justice. She has taught the power of the spoken word and the arts to foster understanding and drive change. She has lived a remarkable, courageous life.

Professor Mũgo has made Syracuse a better place. Her legacy will live on through her students and her colleagues. It was a wonderful celebration of a glorious career. I am thankful to have had the chance to participate.

Chancellor Kent Syverud